No ideal for those without dreams

No belief in the ideal

No goal for those without beliefs

No plans for those without goals

No action for those without measurement

No results for those without action

No happiness for those without results

Aiwa Co., Ltd. Corporate motto Kure shouichi c.i.




In 1951, Aihua was established in Tokyo, Japan, and was once a SONY wholly-owned brand

Starting from Japan in the 1960s, AIWA has started international operations, using an ideal design that loves music,
With the perfect experience of moving users, AIWA has achieved great success and once swept the world!

In the past 70 years, the AIWA brand has become a world-renowned electronic brand adhering to the "excellent product quality and affordable price strategy".。

Now it is the 70th birthday of Aihua, Aihua brand is deeply rooted in Japan, and joins hands with China to look at the world.
Aihua Audio returns to the public with a brand new auditory feast and original product design.

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